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Bond Election Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the district call a bond election?

What is the total amount of the proposal?

What is included in the proposed bond package and how will the bond funds be used?

How did the district determine the bond projects?

How does the bond process work?

What is a bond election?

How do school districts pay for new facilities and facility improvements?

How can bond money be used?

Doesn’t House Bill 3 provide more funding to the District, and why not use that new funding for the proposed projects?

How soon will construction projects begin if voters approve the bond proposal on November 5?

When was the last bond?

What is the financial impact of the proposed bond package?

How am I financially impacted if I’m over 65 years old?

What is the role of the school district during a bond election?

What happens if the proposed bond package is not approved by voters?

How can I learn more about the bond election and proposed bond package?

Why is an auditorium in the proposal?

Are the middle school students going to be with high schoolers?

Why does the design include glass windows and hallways?

Why can’t we have a smaller bond?

What about increased traffic with all four schools being together?

What are the reasons behind including new buildings in the proposal?

What will happen to the current elementary campus?

Why is there not a PK-5 campus?

How many classrooms will be in the 6-12 building?

What is the maximum the I&S tax rate can be raised to and how was this rate determined?

How does this bond impact state-required curriculum standards and 21st-century teaching practices?